online poker for all

Hello, my name is Ellie Cannell. This is me on the picture above. I have been told that I have an inventive personality type. I am highly competitive for the pursuit of my success and I want to get fame and glory for my achievments. I have my own independent view and I do not like to do things in a particular manner because that is the way things are supposed to be done.

It is good to be young and to be an amateur, at life and at games. Let us enjoy that as long as it lasts. This is my page where I like to frolic, in other words to gambol merrily (not to gamble merrily). This is what I did with my friends in this beautiful field, and this is why I like this photo as it reminds me of past gaming times.

This picture of fun time was taken already a few years back and as I am growing older, I have less time to travel, play games and even spend time on the Web looking for entertainment. I am looking for a job and I am still an amateur so to speak. But all games have an end. One online game I started recently is online poker. I know, I know, some will think that this is evil gambling, but far from it, it can be a healthy form of online pleasure and entertainment.

Texas Hold'em poker

This is the picture of one of my last trips when I went to Canada for a poker tournament at one on their casinos at an Indian reserve there. That is really beautiful, is it not? I went with some friends (they do not play poker, they just came with me to give me company). The food was excellent and free for the most part, this is one of the advantages to play at casinos, but watch out for your weight if you play regularly. This was my first time stepping foot at a brick and mortar casino and the way it happened is a long story. In short I saw this PokerStars marketing code somewhere on the Web, I registered and started to play at pokerstars and then I reached the final table of one of their freerolls. And the prize was en entry in this casino tournament. This marketing code at pokerstars was really a great opportunity for me.

Online Poker Profits for Amateurs

Amateur online poker is a nice way to add to your regular income.

You probably have already heard about online poker, either because you have seen some TV shows like High Stakes Poker or because you have friends who play the game. And maybe some of them make a lot of money from online poker, even enough to quit their day job and become full time poker pros.

But online poker is not as easy as it seems. For every few poker pro who succeeds to make good money from online poker, there are dozens of losing players needed to constantly feed him. The thing is profitable players tend to keep on playing for a long time, while losing players will usually play less and many of them just quit once they realize that they are not making money from poker. By the way, one trick to help you not lose money it to use one of the online poker bonus codes.

The life of a full time pro is not as glamorous as it may first appear. One inherent aspect of poker and online poker in particular is that the variance is large. What this means is that unlike a normal 40 hours a week job, your income will be very volatile. That is why only a few exceptional individuals can make it to become a successful poker pro.

Amateur Online Poker

If you would like to just become a good amateur online poker player instead, know that the game of poker requires a number of psychological qualities that not everyone has in large quantities.

What are the most important mental qualities to win big money in online poker?

Patience, discipline, emotional self-control, focus and the ability to stay focused for long periods of time, a logical mind, courage, ..., just to name a few. This does not sound like fun, does it? Yes it is fun and it is like any other game. It takes a lot effort to become good at it, but once you are there, if it easy to win and the psychological reward is the pleasure when you win and when you know that you are better than your opponents.

Where to play online poker

As poker online has become hugely popular in the past five years, there are literally hundreds of online poker room to choose from. You must be careful when deciding to make a deposit at one of these rooms. Most are safe, secure and professionnaly run, but there has a been a few bad apples in the past. Select wisely.

As a matter of fact, if you are serious about online poker you will rapidly know which ones are the top 10 or 20 worth considering. For one thing, you need a room with good traffic like the Party Poker Bonus Code or the Titan Poker Bonus Code, otherwise you will waste a lot of time waiting for tables to fill up and you will not have a great experience, with limited promotions, limited tournament offers and limited profit opportunititis basically.

Also something to be aware is that for legal reasons some online poker rooms are restricted to non American players. If you are in the USA, this reduces the list even more.

So if you are committed to online poker, it is better to focus on a short list of about five rooms: pokerstars, full tilt poker and party poker should be on top of your list unless you are playing at Las Vegas of course.